our sustainable commitments

Solar water heaters

for eco-friendly showers

As an ecolodge, we wish to be part of a sustainable and responsible approach. Hence, all our villas are equipped with solar water heaters to reduce our impact on the environment. This system perfectly suits the local climate and ensures Anjajavy le lodge’s green energy independence.

Ethical cooking

to preserve the Earth
& to encourage development

Our Chefs and local producers pledge to contribute to nature conservation. We continually strive to minimise our impact while providing high-quality products directly from local fishermen and farmers.


Plastic free policy

to reduce our impact on the environment

Anjajavy le lodge is concerned about its ecological impact. Being in the heart of a Protected Area, the lodge aims at reducing its environmental footprint. We therefore avoid all unnecessary plastic. Our cocktails are served with bamboo straws, all the cotton are biodegradable and we purchase our cleaning products in bulk to limit the usage of plastic bottles.

However, for the remaining and unfortunately unavoidable plastic waste, Anjajavy le lodge transforms the latter into building bricks. Whether used, dirty, or thin, the plastic is compressed and shaped into homogeneous bricks. The lodge will then reuse the bricks in various construction opportunities. This process allows us to avoid plastic pollution, which is regrettably common in other regions.

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