A place of


An integrated lodge

Between the forest and the sea

After two years of considerable logistical effort, Anjajavy le lodge finally came into being in 2001.

Upon arrival, venture into a preserved dry forest to a traditional Sakalava wooden structure. Our restaurant terrace offers a stunning scenery that adds magic to a fine-dining experience. A magnificent set of coconut trees extending to our infinity pool already gives you a glimpse of your relaxing getaway.

The Lyonnais architect Yves Boucharlat incorporated the traditional Sakalava influence into a sustainable and elegant architectural style. The entire complex is well-integrated into the environment of Anjajavy’s peninsula.

Infinity pool
& private creeks

On the edge of a unique
marine reserve

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation while sipping one of our signature cocktails by our infinity pool or sunbathe on our white sand beaches.
Then, if you feel the need to explore, set out on the trail leading to our 5 private coves. On one of the secluded beaches, indulge in a Robinson-Crusoe-like experience with only a few fishing canoes on the horizon.

The stunning Oasis

between dream and reality

The Oasis is a humid biotope, the result of sustained research among Madagascar’s wide variety of flora.

This masterpiece of Camille Muller, a renowned French landscaper and a great lover of Madagascar, lies in the heart of the hotel.

The pond attracts frogs and chameleons. The canopy of lush trees surrounding is the playground for lemurs groups, whose wild character is preciously preserved.

& body treatments

Give your body
a moment of relaxation

Indulge in a traditional full body massage using local essential oils on the terrace of your villa or at our massage villa.



Protected area